Fiber Optics Cabling San Francisco

Fiber Optics Cabling San Francisco

Enterprise Communications is  proud to service San Francisco and its surrounding areas for Fiber Optics Cabling for businesses and residential customers.

Fiber optics is fast becoming the leading method of transferring digital information at the highest possible speeds. As telecommunications and cable companies continue to invest in their fiber optics infrastructure, other industries are catching on to the important advancements being made with the use of this technology and consequently, the number of LANs (local area networks) being set up without Fiber Optics continues to drop exponentially.

This glass-based wiring, made up of a cluster of filaments that delivers data via light, is the new  standard that will ensure that your structured cabling is optimally compatible with any advancements that other technology – from voice and data systems to security systems – will make over time. All industries can benefit from a dependable high-speed network based on fiber optics.

Fiber optics is particularly recommended for businesses that:

  • Require a strong structured cable network
  • Rely upon robust voice and data services
  • Send and receive large files on a regular basis
  • Use high end communication and presentation systems such as wall screens
  • Utilize a complex video security and surveillance system

While traditional copper wiring is still considered by some to be an adequate way to transmit data, it is less reliable and efficient due to numerous limitations such as susceptibility to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and other interference and the likelyhood that it will deteriorate over time. And while copper wiring has made advances over the years  to keep up with rapidly changing technology, it has also become much more expensive.

Fiber optics has proven to be a more reliable method for the digital transfer of data, with nearly zero signal loss. It has greater bandwidth, can carry more data, more efficiently, and while electrical wiring will top out at 10GB, fiber optics has surpassed this capability with no limit in sight.

It is made of glass, therefore less likely to suffer interference compared to metal cables.  It’s lighter in weight, therefore easier to transport, install, and maintain, it does not have to be grounded and will not corrode over time.

Businesses that adopt fiber optics will not have to upgrade for years, and potentially for decades.

Though advantageous, glass based fiber optics are much more delicate than traditional wiring and require trained professionals to safely and efficiently install.

Services offered at Enter Communications are, but are not limited to:

  • Fiber optic installation
  • Line testing
  • Conduit rodding, cleaning, and pulling
  • Underground conduit construction

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