Home Theater Installations in San Francisco

Home Theater Installations in San Francisco

Enterprise Communications is  proud to service San Francisco and its surrounding areas for Home Theater Setup and Installations

Television signals come into your home theater system from a cable TV service, a DSS satellite dish, or an antenna for broadcast TV (or in some cases, from a combination of these devices).  Running wired infrastructures allow you to send these signals to other areas of your home giving you much higher data rates, more reliability, and more flexibility. 

Wiring requirements for your home theater speakers have a noticeable impact on speaker performance. The greatest speakers will not sound their best with the use of inappropriate speaker wires or an incorrect wiring installation. In particular, selecting the correct speaker wire thickness is essential for the best speaker performance.

Hiding home theater wiring inside walls, under floors, and in the ceiling can be a great option as it leads to a neater look.  Proper planning is extremely important here as it would not be easy to alter a finished in-wall installation later.

In-wall home theater wiring is the norm for multi-room sound, outdoor speakers, and dedicated home theater room installations.

In-wall home theater wiring projects are much easier and less expensive to do during initial construction or as part of a whole home renovation project than as an isolated room project in an otherwise finished house.

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